Saturday, November 8, 2014


When we picked the upgrades to our home we went over and over them with our SR.  We had asked for the side entry garage door to be moved towards the rear of the garage instead of the front (which is where it's placed normally for Ryan Homes).  She said, that shouldn't be a problem they move then all the time.  They get moved because having an entrance right next to the HUGE garage door is not practical.  Most people I know who have them towards the front don't use then and just end up putting stuff in front of them.  I could go on and on but I'll stop.

So I was suprised to see the side entry garage door toward the front and not in the back???  Apparantly the structure blah blah blah isn't made to have the garage door in the rear of the garage.  A bunch of made up excuses if you ask me...just say'n.  So I call the SR and ask if we can just remove it since it's not going to be moved and I could use the $900 somewhere else.  I recieved a short and snippy NO!  Nothing can be changed.

Well that's funny since you changed the location from the rear to the front.  So you can change stuff but we can't.


UPDATE!- Side door has been moved to the back.

My biggest gripe yet to date is the SINGLE SINK issue.  PM has tried but whoever is above him is not budging on the sink.  Because and I quote, "Your home is  new model and we don't want people walking through it to think that it comes with a single sink"...Um, excuse me!  It's not YOUR HOUSE!  This comment really upset me.  I apparently am going to get no where with RH so I'm going to talk to the granite guys and see if they can do a light install on the sink so changing it out will be easier.  I will give an update when I talk to them which should be in a week or so.

UPDATE! - Single sink has been approved!  Thanks to my PM and SR for working so hard for us...YEAH!!!

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