Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Choosing a Model

We purchased our first Ryan Home 3 years ago.  We were house hunting in the winter and there was Nothing to buy.  I came across the builder and during my house hunt and really liked the size of home we could get for the price.  We built a Rome and have been very happy in the home.  Due to job changes we are moving and again could not find anything to buy.  We are again building with Ryan and I'm excited because I know what to expect now!

Ryan Homes has a new model out called the Landon.  It is a beautiful model with an amazing kitchen island!  We loved this one but felt it was a bit too small for us. We have 4 kids 3 of which are boys who need extra space to be well Boys!  The Landon is missing a living room.  We felt like we needed that extra space so you had somewhere to go for a private conversation, our piano, etc.

One model we liked and had our Sales Rep price out was the Courtland.  It had the laundry room upstairs (a must), and the extra space we were looking for.  There were a few things about the Courtland model that I just couldn't get past.  The optional island is just weird.  I don't like the shape and don't feel it's very functional.  After seeing the island in the Landon, this one just didn't stack up.  The study is in the front of the home and the work I do from home isn't pretty (I have an online Hair Bow boutique and ribbon is usally everywhere :)  I didn't want it to be the first thing you see when you walk into my home.  My final issue with this model is the powder room.  It is the tiniest thing I've ever seen.  I'm not sure a larger adult could shut the door...Just sayin!  It was like Ryan Homes said "Crap, we forgot the powder room...let's just stick it here!"  With all this I took to Ryan's website to look at other models that our neighborhood wasn't offering.  Our SR said we could pretty much build anything!  That is when I discovered the Olsen.

The Olsen model is only available in Ohio (not sure why?).  It is just like the Landon but with the extra space we were looking for.  It has a living room and larger study.  It is very similar to the Rome in layout and flow.  We love it!

The Olsen is a 4 bd 3 ba with 3250 sq ft. 3 car garage
This is Elevation A included with the base price.

We chose Elevation L

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