Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sectional Shopping

I have spent the last month shopping for a sectional for the Family Room.  There are so many options and they can get pretty expensive.  I wanted something built well (I have 4 active kids), stain resistant, but stylish too.

Some that were really pretty with turned style legs and nail head trim were just too uncomfortable.

Some that came in a million different fabrics, great price, nice construction just weren't quite right.  I don't want to have to "Heave Ho" to try and get out of it.

We looked at High end which were super nice, well built, comfortable...but with a $5,000 - $6,000 price tag it was a bit hard to take the plunge.

Then while shopping with my DD and stumbled into Macy's and found this (it's their #1 selling sectional)

It's called the Radley Sectional and it's just what we need.  It doesn' have the fancy feet or nail head trim but it's well built and most importantly comfortable!  It has the highest quality cushions available and is a great size.  The ottoman flips open for added storage as well.  And the price, well let's just say it's way less than $6,000!

We ordered it with the Chaise on the other side and an extra armless chair making the long side of the sectional about 176 inches long
These are the Fabrics I like.  I'll probably go with the Java because it's dark and will wear well with kids.  The light tan is so pretty but I have nightmares of kids dive bombing in the sofa with spaghetti sauce faces...EEEK!  Dark it will have to be, that's just the phase of life we are in right now.


  1. I'd love to see the after! We are ordering this couch in this color as well and I can find NO photos of it online in an actual home in the Java color. Thank you!!

  2. Did you ever post an after pic with java? Would love to see.

  3. You can see some pictures here They are towards the bottom of the post