Friday, November 14, 2014

Blowing Smoke

So a while back when I asked if the side door to the garage could be moved back and was told yes, then NO (due to structural reasons), they are now going to move it.  We were upset about the HVAC taking up so much space in the bonus room (which we were not told about) that they decided to move the garage door to (make it up to us).  This is a nice gesture but goes to show you that you can't believe what they tell you!

We feel very powerless throughout this entire process.  We have been lied to and it just feels yucky.  I understand that they are not "custom home builders" but I don't consider any of our "non standard" requests crazy complicated or anything.
We did ask for the switch for the carriage lights to be put inside the house instead of inside the garage and were told it wasn't possible.  Possible yes, but they didn't want to do it.  How hard is it to extend the wiring a few inches...Seriously!  We made this request before electrical even began so it's not like we were asking them to move existing electrical.

Feeling bad about many things about Ryan Homes right now...

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