Sunday, February 1, 2015

Internet woes

Knowing that we would most likley be the first house done in the addition to an existing neighborhood I started requestiong internet service 1 1/2 months prior to our move in date.  I called and called and called and was told over and over and over again.  "We need to do work out there, we'll call you when it's done."  Seriously?

Move in day came and went and still no internet!  We did call the internet company Ryan Homes puts down as the service to use. One would think that the service was there and ready to go?  After living in the home for 2 weeks and after many calls to said internet company...we finallly have service!

(future neighbors feel free to thank us, HA!)

Big Mound of Dirt

There is a HUGE mound of dirt across the street from us.  Apparently it will be used to fill in the low lands in the future.  Some may think it's an eyesore but the neighborhood kids are going to be so sad to see it go!