Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Master Bath

So, I haven't posted much of anything about the master bath.  We didn't get any upgrades in here with exception to the jetted tub, dual shower head, and the space itself.  We didn't care for the upgrade options Ryan offered so plan to upgrade ourselves down the road.

This is the Master Bath with Jetted Tub, Dual His/Hers shower heads, & extended bathroom.

 Looking into the bathroom from the bedroom.  There are 2 pot lights that stradle the center of the tub and I wish I had changed it to only one so I could hang a chandilier over the tub.  I do love the windows and all the natural light the bathroom gets.  The tub is huge!
 vanity to the left of the tub

 vanity to the right of the tub

 The door in the photo is to the "Water Closet"
 Roman Shower with His and Hers shower heads.  We had my husbands raised up (he's 6'3 and mine lowered, I'm 5'3)  The shower seat is really nice and the shower is big!
Ryan in Ohio has to aim the lights up which I think is super weird.  We will be rotating them down soon.  I think the 5 lights is a bit of overkill but easily changed.

Stairs to the Bonus Room

From just looking at the plans it's kind of hard to see how the stairs are to the bonus room.  I took a bunch of pictures for those wanting to know.

 view coming up the stairs
 view from the top of the stairs looking into the bonus room
 view from the top (on the bedroom side) looking into the bonus room
 View looking down.  You can see the "landing" area is actually two large steps
 View from the bonus room
Coming down the stairs, I am standing on the "upper landing" and yes, those are crayons on the stairs.  I have a 1 year old so there is always something somewhere :)

I hope these help those looking to add the bonus room.  Please let me know if you'd like a different view or angle. :)