Friday, January 30, 2015

The keys are ours!

 Dining room with added trim.  This is by far the best upgrade!  Large baseboards, crown moulding, & large door casings make this look and feel really custom. 

 Front entry look up to the second level.
 Textured ceiling (no love for them here but it's what they do here in Ohio).  This is the light you get when you add a light to a room.
 Cute baby in the entry way.
 I really like how the carpet and stair railings look together.

 Fireplace with to handsome boys and Bucks County Ledgstone.

 Kitchen with upgraded appliances.  Apparently I can roast a whole chicken in that microwave!
 Beautiful view from the windows in the Morning room.

 Here's the sectional I blogged about earlier.  Its huge and we love it!  There is enough room for everyone.
 The carpet is looking pink in these pictures but it's not.  I do however like the carpet on the stairs and upstairs better than this.  I'm regretting it now that I see how much I love the other color.  It's SO HARD choosing all the colors for stuff! You can also see where we had them "chop" off the corner and run wood flooring so there is a nice flow into the kitchen.

My hutch from my previous house looks so small now in this massive kitchen.

Vacation and House is done!

So we left for a 3 week vacation while the house was being finished.  I did not want to be gone during this phase.  We booked the trip before we found out the house was being delayed a month.  I asked our PM to please send me updates and especially photos of the outside BUT, he sent me nothing.  Super disapointing but, I know he's super busy too. 

I had a neighbor take this and send it to me.  I was dying to see what it looked like.  I like it but I'm not in LOVE with it.  It looks much better in person but not as grand as I was hoping for.  The house feels really big, open, and beautiful when you are inside but the outside, hmmm...?  Well, too late now, so I'm not going to dwell on it.  With landscaping and such I'm sure it will get better.

This photo was taken the first day we got back.  They were putting the finishing touches on before we closed.

SINK and GRANITE news!

It's been so long since I posted (life has been crazy) that I have forgotten where I left off so I'm sorry if some of the this is repetitive.  

So after being denied my single sink time and time again< I finally got a YES!  Hallelujah! 

So now we come to the granite.  I had originally chosen Venetian Gold and was told by the SR that I could go to the granite yard and pick out my slab.  So I went to the granite place and HATED the venetian GOLD, I mean HATED!  IT was way to yellow and had a TON of black in it.  Not the look I was going for.  SO, after a call to my SR she agreed to let me look at the other granites RYAN HOMES offers.  I didn't like any of them.  No surprise, right?

I left the granite place feeling terrible and went in to talk to my SR the next day.  I asked if I could pick a granite that wasn't RYAN HOMES approved.  She said she would ask and YES! I went back and chose

it's very neutral with cream and flecks of brown.


More Photos...starting to feel like home

Here are a lot more pictures.  It's really starting to look and feel like a home.

 I love the iron spindles on the railing.  This was a last minute change and I'm SO GLAD we made it.
 I love the 2 panel doors.  They are much cuter than the standard 6 panel door.
 French doors into the office, so pretty
 The Crown moulding looks really nice.  This was and upgrade that was SO worth the it!
 This is a view from the living room.  You can see the door to the coat closet and the morning room windows.
 The dining room chair rail
 Bathroom #2.  The vanity is super long.  There is a lot of storage space and counter space.

 This is the Bucks County Ledgestone for the Fireplace.  I'm not in love, it's just ok.
 This is the fireplace already for stone
 Tray ceiling in the master bedroom with crown moulding
The kitchen looks so nice.  I'm really excited about it.
 The island is HUGE!  I can invision tons of baking and gathering around that island.
Staircase and front entry