Saturday, November 8, 2014

Roof goes on Electical and Pluming begins & Fun discoveries

This week the roof was installed and then the plumbing and electrical began as well.  It's reallly starting to look like a house.

 This darn HVAC tubing at 2 ft by 4 ft of our bunus room.  This was not on the plans or comunicated to us in any way...we were very shocked to see it there!
 On a more positive note the jetted tub in the master is HUGE!  I am so excited about kids are calling dibs on the first bath.  We will just have to see about that. he he he
 Roman Shower in the Master with his and hers shower heads.  His at 83 inches and Hers at 75 inches.  I'm 5'3 and DH is 6'2
 The fireplace is a nice size.  It's bigger than the one in our last home (The Rome) and I was told that we are one of the first homes to get this larger model.  It looks great.  I am so looking forward to sitting on the hearth to warm my tootsies come this Winter.

This is the wall that the tv is going on.  PM is adding blocking to support DH huge tv!
 So the picture isn't the best but I discovered that I have ARCHES!!!  I had no idea?  They weren't on the plans or mentioned anywhere.    They are really pretty and make the entrance a bit more grand.  I'm excited about this feature.  There is also an arched entrance from the kitchen to the mudroom.

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  1. Oh my! The house is looking really lovely. I also like arches and we've also incorporated them with the design of our own home. The master bath is really big, and I'm sure it'll look magnificent once everything is done. Thank you for sharing that update, as well as all those pictures! Wishing you and everyone in your family the best of health!

    Pleasance Faast @ Shelton