Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Non Standards - Yes or DENIED!

Here is our list of Non Standards that we requested.

  1. Front Entry - there appears to be a small wall on the right side of the front hallway.  Not sure what/why etc.  Will ask at Pre-con and update later 
  2. Remove middle window in the Family Room - YES 
  3. Cut the corner of the family room carpet and replace with wood.  With it left the say it was all traffic would trample one corner of the carpet to get to the kitchen - YES, that will be and additional $275
  4. Ryan Homes sink is a 60/40 split.  We want a single bowl sink - DENIED.  We will revisit this with our PM and see what happens
  5. Cabinet to be fitted for garbage cans - DENIED. Pretty stupid being denied since a lot of models I've been through have this option in them.  I'll buy the kit from Lowes and see if PM will install for us.  If not, we will do this on our own.
  6. Alternate Layout for the microwave.  I hate having it right about the stove top.  I feel like it crowds my head space.  I would much rather have a range hood. - DENIED.
  7. Can I have a range hood and no microwave - DENIED.
  8. I had my heart set on cream cabinets and a chocolate brown island.  I requested to have Rushmore Maple Espresso on the Island (same profile as the cream cabinets + another blogger asked for the same thing and got it) I was - DENIED
  9. Glass fronts on some of the cabinets - DENIED
  10. Remove wall between the 2 master closets - YES
  11. Don't install wire shelving in the kids closets - YES
  12. Make shower in the Master bath a Roman Shower - YES, that will be an additional $495
  13. Tile surround for kids tub/showers - DENIED
As you can see we were DENIED on what I thought were pretty easy requests.  Super dissapointed!

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  1. On the sink and the garbage cans, you probably would save money just doing it on your own after the fact. The garbage can kit is pretty easy to install (we did it) and unless you want a bigger sink than would fit in the standard cabinet, that's not a super hard swap either. Where I WOULD push back, hard, is the alternate layout for the microwave. A lot of markets won't let you put a microwave over a gas range, so there almost certainly is an alternate layout being created. Keep in mind that you will lose cabinet space if they go ahead with it! I didn't realize that since the model we looked at had the over-range layout. Now, if your house is going to be one they let other people in to look at (so they can sell more of this model), I can understand them not wanting you to massively deviate from standard in the kitchen...but if not, then push back on your bicolor cabinets, too. Your salesperson should be advocating hard on your behalf, and that is not a high-labor change!